Have you ever been lost for defense against feminists who use their own language and terminology to promote their misguided, prejudiced philosophies?

Equality: A Man’s Claim retraces irrational accusations and exposes ill-founded feminist beliefs which have become standard misinformation in today’s society. It offers strong argument to counteract feminist conjecture—an argument which has purposely been kept from you by the media and other sources of feminist propaganda.

Finally, here is a source that takes an unblinking look at the critical issues being used by feminists to destroy the interaction between men and women.

- How is it possible that men are still bound to uphold traditional female expectations (such as opening doors, etc.) when the traditional expectations for women are considered sexist and chauvinistic, and even constitute sexual harassment?

 - Concerning domestic violence, how often do we hear, “He deserved it,” as compared to “She deserved it”? And why are we more concerned about violence against women when there is more violence against men?

- If men are to be held responsible for supporting a child, then why are they not equally recognized in determining whether a fetus be born or aborted?

- By virtue of excluding one sex, with a hate of that sex and a blind devotion to their own sex, isn’t the women’s movement an accurate example of a true sex chauvinism?

- What power ever possessed by men is equal to women’s complete control over men’s sexual (needs) acquisition?

- Were not men always concerned for both sexes in their traditional family goals and career aspirations? When did men ever sacrifice family or mate for their careers? Did they not, in fact, seek careers for the wife and family?

- Under compromising circumstances, isn’t a man’s right to say yes equal to a woman’s right to say no?

- To fulfill his masculine obligation, a normal boy will revolt from abnormal social pressures. Many of the social problems we have today are mere products of the problems caused by a lack of traditional values and sex role models.Type your paragraph here.