How a certain segment of society defines manhood can hold men captive within their own skin:

       Due to a male pride built upon a 'manhood' defined by a servitude to women, men are ashamed to stand up for themselves. A logical ability to know right from wrong doesn't compute with the way many men are programmed. Few people care about men or have compassion for them. Masochism is part of what defines manhood as males are groomed from when young boys to 'take it like a man'.  And this false premise of male self-worth (identity) will never allow men to receive justice. Due to this control of the male's self-concept, a paradox exists in the male's own right with a male/masculine pride that is hinged on opposing other men. As is defined within the Anglo Saxon-derived culture (chivalry), male self-worth comes at the expense of other men. Females still go for the most dominant/successful men who play into the female-defined role designed for them. It's little wonder male suicide corresponds now with the opportunities and resources that supported this defined maleness no longer existing.

      The male already had a very difficult role to assume as it was. However, now with women not picking up the slack, but instead adding more burden to the societal equation, men are devastated without any recourse, with the few  succeeding at the expense of other males only capable of having a semi-healthy existence. Those who are able to succeed, despite limited resources and opportunities compared to the past, are subject to many more burdens, liabilities, and expectations (sex laws, divorce, child custody, and child support, only to mention a few). In the past when unity prevailed a security was provided to both men and women. The self-hating trait built into male identity is well-realized by the societal phenomenon that women are taught to think about themselves whereas men are taught to think about women, even to the point of having this define their masculinity and what has now amounted to sacrificing their rights and freedom. 

Alan Lee Millard​​